How do you put a band-aid on that tiny finger?!

Kera - posted on 01/14/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




My husband and I are terrified to clip our 3 mos. daughter's fingernails. She's a preemie, so her hands are still tiny, tiny. She curls them into a ball and just tonight, my poor husband nicked her skin and she bled for 10 minutes. The baby book's always say, "Clean the wound and put on a band-aid".


If you have any tips, please let us know, so when this happens again, we're more prepared...


Sara - posted on 01/14/2010




Well, first of all, I would recommend using an emery board to file your baby's nails, I'm not saying that clipping them is a bad idea, I just think that filing is safer at a younger and more fragile age (especially the lil preemie fingers). But I would almost not even worry about putting a band-aid on it and just clean the wound and let it heal itself naturally and put little hand mits on her hands so she won't make the wound any worse. You could try putting a band-aid on and then putting the mits on her hands so that it would stay on better. A little neosporin (sp?) applied to the wound wouldn't hurt if you put the mits on her hands so she wouldn't get it in her mouth, eyes, etc. Hope I was a little helpful!!

Sarah - posted on 01/26/2010




We did the same thing and my stepmother is a nurse and my son bled through three bandaids and she was getting ready to mske us take him in that is a lot of blood for a preemie. Use the little circle bandaids but I like the emory board idea too. BTW my son to this day at three years old hates his fingernails being you think it is PTSD from me doing that to him the day I got him home from the hospital

Worldangel1661 - posted on 05/16/2017




Yeah, I clip tip of my baby girl thum. Didnt bleed as much but it going to sting for her. And I know the band aid are just to thick to put on it. So I took off the cotten off it and took scotch tap and put it on her thum and I put a mit over her hand. So that it wont go in her mouth. I do wish there are thiner band aids for babys though.


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Chelle - posted on 01/15/2010




We cut my sons nails when he first got home and we nicked his pinky. We had to take a normal bandaid and cut teh smalest sliver off it and put it on his hand. It worked great for us!

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