Mommies that are stressed and feel alone

This is for the moms that stay at home and feel that being a stay-at home mom and housewife and be too much to bear. This is so that they can Find people that share the same things and just want to talk and vent and to make some friends.



has anyone had experience wiv a child who has adhd doctors think my 3 year old has adhd could really do wiv sum advice he hasnt been diagnosed wiv it as yet any comments will be...


monkey nightmares?

so for the past three nights my daughter has been waking up screaming about a scary monkey..heres the thing is that she likes real monkeies we dont have anything with monkies in...


I am Stacy Ann Shuman

I am the one that thought up this community because I am one that feels like this all the time. I am 22 years old have two wonderful children Wayne Austin who is 2 and Annika...


I am losing my mind!

hope you ladies don't mind if I vent.. I am really losing my mind. 3 kids under 5. I live with their dad, which is NOT working well now that hes moved in.... He is a great dad....