Mommies that love holidays

This community is for moms who love holidays. Moms who love to decorate and want to share ideas for decorating. Share holiday activity ideas for children to do at home. Share favorite holiday movies. Share great ideas for holiday parties. All holidays are welcomed to be discussed.


Valentines is near!!

Valentine stuff displayed all over stores already. I'm looking forward to what ever my kids make for me at school. I always think of some dark chocolate when it gets close to...


Halloween is near!!!!

I'm sure everyone is excited the holidays are here. Although we live in difficult times. But fun holidays don't always just come through by shopping. We love holidays just for...


Christmas Bows

I love to make my own bows. Although the last couple years I haven't been able to. Hopefully, I will this year even though we are so far away from our family. I love that...



I have nothing to put up for Thanksgiving. Maybe I should start some Thanksgiving cross stitching to Kick off a collection. Does anyone have any ideas? What are the must have...