Preterm and Placental Abrubtion

Cassandra - posted on 01/12/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




Has anyone else on here had a pre-term baby due to placental abrubtion?
I had bleeding all throughout my pregnancy, the doctors sent me for many ultrasounds and tests and couldn’t find anything wrong. It resulted in alot of bed rest and time away from work. My doctor said from the beginning natural labor would be the course of action. Turned out that my boy decided to stay breech for almost the whole pregnancy. It was the day when my baby’s gestational age was 34 weeks 5 days, I awoke from a nap on the couch, stood up and there was blood everywhere. I went to the closest hospital around where I live and the doctor said I was fine but my fiancé and myself didn’t think so. We continued to another hospital. I thought I would be going home just put on bed rest like the rest of the pregnancy. The minute the doctor hooked me up to the machines he freaked and said you will be on an airplane shortly, I am sending you to a larger center immediately. I was in natural labor for about 2 days they told me but the contractions weren’t overly strong yet, It felt like my baby was kicking me, which was no change from the rest of the pregnancy as I was used to him being very active and kicking me in the lower part of my stomach. The plane couldn’t land to pick me up because there was too much ice on the landing pad so they told me this baby is coming out now or he will die. I was rushed to be prepped for surgery, I cant even begin to explain the overwhelming feelings I was having. The minute they took me into the operating room I was like "somebody please kill me" lol. I got the epidural and I didn’t even flinch while they administered it. I had 3 IV's and a oxygen tube, between all the people and cords I think that’s what makes it so scary, not to mention how cold it is in there. Once the epidural kicked in my body felt so nice, it took half the worry away. When they were taking my baby out I did feel the pulling and tugging but it didn’t hurt. I explained it to my mom as "a couple of wolves fighting over road kill." lol I had two doctors, one on each side. My baby was out in minutes and I was stitched up. My baby was sent in ambulance to the NICU in Edmonton as I was left in a rural hospital. I got to touch his hand and he was gone. I had a placental abruption; my baby and I are both very lucky to be alive.
When I look back I would definitely have another c-section. It is now 7 weeks, 3 days later and I feel great! I also ended up getting a uterus infection after the section which I was giving antibiotics for. The third day in the hospital I stopped taking pain killers. I’m not going to lie that first time you get up and out of that bed it feels terrible but once you start moving it gets better. I now have a light scar that is about 3 inches in length and is fully covered by bikini bottoms. Emergency C-Section saved myself and my baby's life. The scariest thing I ever endured was when the drugs started wearing off and I was surrounded by my family but my baby had been taken away.

I would like to hear other people experiences and how you feel about it post partum.


Christina - posted on 01/19/2010




Cassandra, I did not have a full abruption but it was close. My second son Brady was born on 1/12/10 at 34 weeks. I started bleeding on Christmas day. As the weeks passed I would have days of no bleeding and then days of bleeding. Every time I bled it got worse. In the few days before I delivered I spent every morning and afternoon in the hospital being checked. I was finally admitted to the hospital on 1/10/10 onto the High Risk floor of the maternity ward. I was schedule to have a level 2 ultrasound on Monday morning to see where my placenta was and to check the size of the baby (gestational diabetes as well) after my ultrasound the doctors decided that an amino was my best option and that if it was determined that my sons lungs were mature I would have a c-section the following morning on the 12th. They said it was safer to do it this way then to wait and see if my bleeding got worse. My son was born on 1/12/10 at 11:01am weighing 6lbs 1oz. I'm so glad that this is the course of action that was taken. I will never be able to have a vaginal delivery again due to the c-section being complicated. My baby was stuck and they had to make extra incisions and still use a vaccum on him. I'm glad that I was able to experience a vaginal delivery with my first son. I too am handling my c section well. I was up and showering on my own the very next morning. You are right, the first time you stand up it is horrible. My son only spent one day in ISCU and then was moved up to the regular nursery. The hardest part now is not being able to pick up my 22 month old for 6 weeks. :(

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