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Anissa - posted on 05/23/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




My husband has been in the oil field for a while. He just recently went back to north Dakota he's been there for a month now hell be there for a while. He was always keeping in contact with me and our two kids one nine the other a two month old he would say I love you miss you Now when we talk he is quick to shut me off to talk to the other guys in the oil field put me on hold and not call me back because I'll hang up snaps at me if he's having a bad day or if I don't answer the phone in time because I'm dealing with our two month old son. But some times he doesn't answers the phone which I get that. Just want to know if other women are going thru the same thing because I'm about to leave him and go back to the east coast. No we are not in north Dakota we are in Texas


Leah - posted on 06/02/2015




Sometimes, and particularly now, I think their job gets really stressful. They work them like dogs, and they dont get enough time to defuse before its time to start again. And with the economic state of the oil field, where people are getting fired left and right, I think it is just added stress to try and make it work.

Being in a relationship where they are gone so much is super difficult. People tend to grow apart when they aren't given the time to grow together. It takes a huge effort on BOTH parts to make things work.

You dealing with a new baby is stressful, and his career choice is also stressful. Those things compiled can be a nightmare. But I am a big fan of exhausting all your resources before filing a divorce. Most people who get a divorce, statistically, regret it. Give it a minute to breathe. Tell him how you feel and let him know that you aren't exactly living a stress free life either.

Also, men aren't genetically coded to share their feelings like woman. Us woman are amazing people. We can conquer the world without the support of another, and we can most definitely do it out of spite. Maybe give him a little extra encouragement.

I know from personal experience exactly how you are feeling. And it sucks. But I hope you guys can work it out! Good luck!!

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