Hello all

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Hello all,

Well here is a bit about me, I am 28, was diagnosed with FM when I was 21 but have suffered pain for as long as I can remember (not long some days lol) I have a 27 month old boy called Connor and am 13 weeks pregnant again with "peanut" number 2. I live in Spain and have done for 5 years but am originally from the UK. I do not take any pain meds for my FM (the docs over here and in the UK don't believe in medicating FM) and am still working full time in a call center.

I am looking forward to heaing from you all.


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Emily - posted on 06/02/2012




I am impressed by how well you are doing. I can imagine that it is difficult to get by without any pain medication. I use as little medication as possible for dealing with my Fibromyalgia, because I tend to have negative side effects. For instance, the magical Cymbalta/Lyrica combo helped with the pain unbelievably, but it also caused me to faint frequently and gain a lot of weight and more.

I am new to the whole Circle of Moms world and the Mommies with Fibromyalgia group. I hope to meet some new people to share experiences with. I'm a stay at home mom and don't get out as much as I'd like.

Veronica - posted on 02/10/2009





I am 34, got diagnosed last spring, but have had pain for a long time. I think it started when I was around 15. Had a baby girl, with the help of IVF, in august 2006.

This last year I have not been working because of an additional autoimmune decease and lost my job. But I will come back stronger and find a job eventually! :D

To Dawn: I am very impressed by you! Baby on the way, one 2 year-old and a full job on top of having unmedicated Fibromyalgia. Wow! I would be exhausted and felt chewed and spit out! Hope you get some rest soon! About medication. I use ordinary paracetamol-products, but they dont always work. Because of my other decease I got Voltaren, a NSAID-product that help with the worst pains. But it is hard on the stomach so I try not to use more than I have to. Good luck to you! :)


Wishing all of you the best! Looking forward to hearing from the rest of you to. :D

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