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Mommies with young kids close in age

A place where moms can share advice, offer help and tips for raising young kids close in age. Also a place to connect and vent.



Anyone have any tips on disciplining 3 young boys, aged 5, 3 and 17 months. They all seem to feed off of one another, and if one isn't creating trouble, the other one is. Help?


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Having another babay

I have a 7th month old daughter an been really thinking about adding to our family. Ive been with my husband 5 years been married 2 years this july. he has a job. he helps so...


Another baby?

So I'm getting the itch to have another baby! My oldest will be 2 next month and my youngest 1 in December. 3 under 3??? Anyone out there with babies so close together have...



I have a one year old daughter and a two year old daughter and I love them to death..but they have their days when they almost drive me to the point of insane..I need some...


boy into girl stuff.

My three almost four year old son, loves disney princesses and almost anything having to do with "girl" stuff. He loves to dress up in his little sisters clothes and always...


going bonkers

How do yall keep it together with toddlers so close in age? Ive been feeling like im going bonkers with the 1 yr old screaming at my feet anytime i walk away and my poor son...