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Kayleigh - posted on 04/03/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




how do i get my 2 year old and 7 month old to stay in thier own beds? pls help!!!


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We never had kids sleeping with us (there was a brief time where it was just me & the kids and a shortage of beds, so my daughter slept with me), so we had the bedtime battles with all of them. My oldest had to cry and scream before she could sleep, so I would do the bedtime thing, put her in her crib, she'd throw a fit, then I would wash her face and put her back down. Middle child was fine in his crib, but now he shares a bed with older sis, and since he CAN get out of bed, he DOES. We do not allow this and of course he gets in trouble. We went through that with the oldest as well. Now we have the baby to boot, and all three are in the same room. They actually do pretty well with not waking up when another one cries, at least at night. But they are all expected to sleep in their beds, and if they get up they get the appropriate comfort, feeding, or diaper change, but then they go right back to their bed.

Don't give up. It took us months to get our oldest to stay in her bed, but now she is a good little girl and will conk out even with her brothers squalling in the room there with her!

Coury - posted on 06/10/2009




consistancy!! i set a night night bell for 8:00pm, that is the time that works for us in the summer an hour earlier in the winter. after that bell goes off the first time, i use a timer, they know it is time to start getiing toys picked up go potty bruch teeth ect. and then at 8:15 it goes off again they now know it is time to get a toy of chioce if that is what they want and i will tell them a story and always sing them a song before bed. both off them get the songs individually with the lights off. by 8:30 they are asleep or being very quiet!! before if they wouldnt stay in there beds i did the supper nanny trick sitting next to the bed with my profile showing not looking at them or saying anything. if they got out just quietly put them back in bed each time moving the chair further away closer to the door. it takes so much patience girl trust me!!! the first night took 45 min and each night almost semmed to get worse but after just less than two weeks that was it. for what seems a lifetime of relief and time to myself or fiance. good luck!!!

Crista - posted on 05/28/2009




Are they in the same room together? Bed time was really frusterating for me and so many nights after work and dinner and bath it was just easier to let them get in mine...but what finally worked for me is no easy answer really. I resolved to be consistant for one week, no matter how much someone cried or how tired i was. No yelling or begging or tv or bribes allowed. A bath, a book a song and a kiss. I did the same thing each night and walked out. if they got up i said nothng. just put them back. over and over. UGH. i was tired but after a couple days i noticed a difference. After a week they were going to sleep in like 20 min!!!! and staying in thier bed. They finally learned i meant what i said. It sounds like common sense but when they are little and screaming and you are's not the easiest thing to do. Good luck!

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