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Hiya all advice needed asap please......,

my daughter is 3 n half will be 4 in july. we moved to malta 4 months ago she always been a great kids but in past few weeks she become very whingey n moaning n crying @ the slightest thing and i mean like she wants a biscuits instead of asking she will moan n cry i ask her whats up n she tells me but where b4 she use to just say i want this.

i spoken to her teacher and she said maddison is a great child has loads of friends n is good @ school

she also been saying her legs r sore so i thinking maybe a growth spert? but my mum came out to vist us n reconds maddison is depressed pleaseee can some1 help?????

i ask maddison if she likes malta she says yes she loves it i dont think she is drepressed n can 3 year olds be depressed???? pleaseeeeeeeee help me


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I think she sounds like she is just maybe feeling insecure. We moved 4 times in the first 3 years of my daughter's life and she always reacted very strongly to the move (not sleeping, crying over everything, clingy). Have you tried just really loving on her extra? Talk to her about your new home, reassure her you'll be there for awhile, let her know not everything is changing. Point out everything that is the same. Mostly just lots of love and reassurance. I think it's very uncommon for a 3 or 4 year old to be depressed unless they have been through some major trauma like abuse or a death so I doubt you have anything to worry about there. But, if you are worried, talk to your doctor about things. Leg pain is very likely just growing pains also at that age. Hope this helps.


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And how old are your other kids? Maybe you are paying more attention to the other ones. And now this one has learned (from her friends in school a new trick) how to manipulate mommy.

Kelly - posted on 03/29/2009




thanks that helped a lot i do give her extra love and attention n she aint half as bad as she was i think it was me mum makin a fuss over nothing she still has her moments but we r getting ere slowly xxxx

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