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have 3 girls, all under the age of three. Abigail Jane is 2 1/2 , Joanna Lynn is 15mon, and Taylor Cheyenne is 3 months. I am CONSTANTLY doing something for them... if Im not changing diapers or nursing, then Im preparing meals or giving husband has his own practice, so cant help out very much.... how can I find time for myself?? Ive gotten them all to take an afternoon nap at the same time, but that only gives me an hour to myself, which I use to get in the shower.
I cant take them to the grocery store by myself because 2 are not walking, and if I dont get a "car cart" then I cant fit them in the cart along with the groceries.... I usually go to the store after Ive put them to bed and my husband is home to be there if they wake up... I thought Id have some time when they are asleep, but I dont. any ideas?


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Ashley - posted on 01/23/2009




i have 2 girls 6 months, and 13 months, they however are not napping at the same time, so i am preety much always doing somthing for one of them or geting ready to do somthing my husband is self emplyed, and is home for supper until they go to bed then usually goes back to work for a few hours , i get stuff done for me after supper, and he takes care of the girls, we do our grocery shopping on sundays when he is home, and he helps out with the laundry , i wash and dry he folds, which is a HUGE help, i have lately been going out in the aft on sundays for a few hours just to get out and take a break, he knows that if i don't get out i'l be grumpy all week, i have done it for the last 3 weeks, and it helps a lot,

Maggie - posted on 01/20/2009




beautiful couple! you just have to find some relief....people I mean! I joined the local mom's club and they have a babysitting co-op. You watch their kid(s) and later they watch yours. I like it b/c they all entertain each other and you get a break when it's your turn. Sorry this may not make sense....I've been packing and moving all week with my two tugging at my pants leg....I'm a little loopy. I do the grocery thing like you, too! lol what time do they go to bed at night? That's my ME time. I read, watch non-cartoons, play on the computer....mine take a long nap, so I get a little break in the day. That doesn't always happen, and let me tell you....I get grumpy if I don't get some time away from them every day! you sound just like me...except I haven't had my third yet. the fact that you shower everyday is impressive. keep in touch please.

Liz - posted on 01/18/2009




I know that it can be full on but I have discovered with my three sometimes taking a step back a working out if I am becoming more of a slave than a mum really helps. Kids are incredibly smart (well at least mine are) and they know how to make it seem like the end of the world. I also am a strong believer in multitasking. My son loves us making up stories, so we all sit around the table with their snacks, I make up a story and fold the clothes. We sing songs while we tidy up and we make believe that we are crazy animals while doing other things around the house, so that when bed time comes around it is us time for me and my hubby. With the shopping - on line shopping or contact your local supermarket and ask them about double trolleys (sorry I know I am using Australian terms) and if they dont respond with the answer you want get as many mums as you cant find to hound them, they will end up waking up to the need sooner or later. The most important thing is just enjoy this time of your life and never be afraid to ask people around you for help.

Amy - posted on 01/17/2009




Hi Christina,

You and I have very similar ages. My daughter is 2 1/2, my son 18 months and my newborn 2 months old.

I ask my MIL to come watch them when I run to the grocery store. I often take one of the older ones so I can spend one on one time with them. I find this time alone really helps their disposition because they bond with you and feel special.

I also often keep one before a nap for 30 mnts or so for alone time.

Once they wake up r we come home, they've had some attention and I find they do much better playing together and leaving me alone.

Another thing I do is cook enough to last me a few meals. Always make too much so you're not cooking full meals all the time.

Like if I make Annie's white cheddar shells, I add peas and brocoli and they'll eat it 2 or 3 times.

If I want to nap when they nap, I nap Julian ON me or next to me so he'll sleep and feed him right before so he doesn't wake me up.

I also get my 2 1/2 yo to help unload the dishwasher, load it, I am slowly starting to have her help more, she gets me diapers etc.

I wouldn't even attempt the grocery store, however, if my husbands offers to go, I tell him to take one kid. That child will bond with daddy while I have a little more time with the other 2...... I really find that the best way to keep them happy, playing peacefully and not whining all day is to give them that time individually.

You'll get time to yourself in about 18 yrs when they got off to college hahaha ;)

That's why I think cos I don't see it any other way unless it is MNO through my mom's group...

Catherine - posted on 01/10/2009




There are also mommy's day outs at most local churches. Check these programs out. most are on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You can get all of your shopping done on these days and you will not know what to do with all the extra time. Check it out.

Rachael - posted on 01/02/2009




Have you tried pre-preparing meals? By this I mean the night before make their breakfasts, lunches, snacks ahead of time so that you aren't running around with your head cut off. I am a mom to two but I was a preschool teacher for 5 years (20 kids 2-5 years old every day) and now I have an in home daycare. I find the more organized I can get the night before the easier my day is. Can you move your shower to a different time like at night when your husband gets home or maybe in the morning before he leaves? Then you would at least have a little bit of time to do something for yourself while the kids sleep? I assume your 3 month old takes a morning nap also. Is there a movie or cartoon your kids like? I don't think t.v. is good for kids but if you use is sparingly sometimes it is great to just get a break to sit. Maybe you could try putting something on for the older two while your 3 month old sleeps? My son loves Clifford and Elmo. Once or twice a week I put it on for him so I can either take a break, do homework (I am a grad student), or to get housework done. I only get 30 min to an hour but sometimes thats all I need.

I know what you mean about the grocery store! They need to make bigger carts and I only currently have two. Have you thought about or looked into buying online and picking up the groceries? I know most major stores are doing this now you go online and chose your food they bag it and have it ready for pick up or deliver it to you. It would save you time and you wouldn't have to spend your evenings shopping you could have some mommy time??? There is a fee charged though. Other than that is there any family that may want to help out? Maybe one day a month or every couple of weeks an aunt, grandma, or close friend would be able to babysit while you go and treat yourself to something? Hope this helps some...

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