kids 18months apart?

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my son is 16 months right now and i will be having my second son in November while my son is 18 months old... just want to see what other moms did to prepare their kids for a new baby and how they divied up their time once the 2nd baby came home, right now im feeling a little overwhelmed, this pregnancy has been nothing like my first i have been way more irritable and cried a lot more. It doesnt help that my 2nd son has a birth defect that will cause us to be in the hospital for at least a month if not longer. I dont know how i will do it. I am 19 and my husband is 21. He works and supports us and i stay at home and take care of our son. The new baby will have to be at a childrens hospital about 2 hours from where we live and i refuse to leave that area until i bring my baby home so i will have my 1 year old down there with me a lot but i have no idea how i will handle him while making trips in and out of the hospital.


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Hello my 2 youngest children are 13 months apart they are 19 months and 6 months and it is hard. But I make sure that when the baby is asleep I spend one on one time with my son and that helps alot.

I also make sure I have all bottles made up in advance and a toy bag that I can just grab and take with me for him to play with. My partner and I have 5 children between us 3 of which are special needs.

Jaykeb is 8 1/2 years and has Autism, ADHD, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Vonwillebrands disease, Hypotonia and other minor disorders

Benjamin is 19 months and has Heamaplegia cerebral palsy, Hypotonia, 2 heart murmurs and Ehlers Danlos Sundrome

Melissa is 6 months old and has Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Hypotonia, Hypotonic Lungs, floppy Larynx Syndrome(she stops breathing) and is severely developmently delayed.

I gave Benjamin a doll which had a bottle, nappy, dummy, pram, cot and clothes he loves this as he gets to look after his own baby and it has helped him learn to be gentle with his sister.

Also try to involve your son as much as possible with the baby even when in hospital. He can get nappies, clothes holdstuff for you and help you pack the babies bag give him lots of praise and tell him how much of a big boy he is and a great big brother and that the baby and youse love him very much.

Also I gave him a present from the baby as everyone was getting presents for the baby and it can make them jealous.

Good luck with everything I hope all goes well for you and your family

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