Motivating 4 different children to cooperate? When they all go their seperate ways. How?

Christine - posted on 02/19/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




Bath & Bed time... routine is constantly interrupted with someone coming up with the greatest excuse to not cooperate. Enough is enough. It's a chain reaction among the children. There's only one of me and am a single mom with helping parents but I want to handle this crucial time much better. Dictator mode, negotiating mode, laissez-faire mode... What works for you to motivate different characters to cooperate?


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I under stand where you are at honey. I have 4 childern all under 6 and I'm a single mum.

I usually try and get tea out of the way first at about 5pm -5.30pm. That's a headache time. Trying to get them to all eat and not talk/ play or Sh*t stir each other. After tea I take them out side and let them have a good run around / ride bikes / jump on the tramp. The normal things that they would do, But I sit outside with them having a coffee relaxing and pushing them on swings. They all have one on one time with me a some stage. I then usually grab the youngest one and put him in the shower/ bath first - while the others are outside playing. Bath him before I'm about to get him out of the bath the grab the next one and strip them put them in and pull the youngest one out dress him and have the bottle already to go. I put him to bed and then I wash the next one and keep going until they are all finished. I hope this is helpful. Jackie

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