trying to get everyone to bed all by myself

Sarah - posted on 01/05/2010 ( 9 moms have responded )




my husband work evenings and gets to miss the dinner/bedtime rush. our children are 15 months, 2 1/2 , and newly 4. I still put them all into the tub together to save time, but they have staggered bedtimes. I feel like I spend all evening trying to get all of them into bed. once they are in bed they are pretty good at staying put. does anyone have any tips that shorten the process?


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Krista - posted on 08/23/2010




My older two are 20 months apart and still go to bed at the same time. They are now 11 and 9. I used to put my 5 yr old to bed at the same time, since he and the 9 yr old share a room, but have recently changed that. Now I clean him up, read him a story and have him potty. He goes to bed. Then the older two start gettin ready, get a story with me (we are reading a chapter book), then they can get in bed and read for a while. At the ages your kids are, I would put them to bed at the same time. Then spend the evening relaxing.

Sharon - posted on 07/08/2010




As some one has said already I would put them all to bed at the same time.. I have 3 kids 5,2 &1. I also put them to bed every night by myself.. I bring them all upstairs at the same time.. The 5 year old and the 2 year old go to their rooms and pick their storys out while I put the 1 year old to bed.. then I read the 2 year old her story and tuck her in.. and then its the 5 year old's turn.. Not to be mean but I make sure the books in there rooms are short stories so the others don't have to wait to long for me. The seem quite happy with this routine and they go off to sleep very well by themselves. They are also happy that they get me to themselves for a little bit.

Erin - posted on 06/07/2010




thank you all in encouraging, we had a 5, 3, n 2 year olds, and I found that swimming in the summer after lunch really helped wear them out more, the dinner and baths. stick firm to keeping the feet in bed once they have been kissed and the oldest one she always helped me keep reading and singing to the little two till they were all snoring! she still does and they are 9, 6,5 this summer, I am so glad I stood firm on once in bed stay in bed. they all read or listen to music with headphones and are asleep between 8 and 9 now! good luck with all you do!

Kristen - posted on 05/25/2010




my hubby works swing shifts and on some of the nights he is home, I am at work. Our kids also had different bed times, when he started this work schedule I had to change that, they eat, bathe and they can play or watch a cartoon while I clean up, then its books, prayers, hugs and kisses, and goodnight. Good luck, hope you can find a good medium.

Karen - posted on 04/19/2010




My kids are almost exactly the same age as yours! lol I try to put them all to bed around the same time. When I have to do all 3 by myself I take them all up with me. The easiest (middle one) goes down first (1 down fast!). Then the oldest, (my difficult one) then the baby. The baby can't fall alseep while I am putting the others to bed so he is last. My oldest always has me read her a book and then tell her "a story" Xs 3! While I put her down, the baby plays in her room. Then once she is quiet I can put the baby to bed and they *should* all be good. I usually have to go up there once or twice (oldest and baby) but I actually get them all down faster than when daddy helps...go figure!

Kristina - posted on 04/07/2010




I have four under four and my hubby is in the military, so I spend many nights putting them to bed alone... all four go to bed at the same time... After dinner everyone gets a bath together (except the baby, who gets his before his AM nap).... while they play I clean up dinner, get out pjs, and dress the baby.... then I wash them up and get them out and dress the younger two while the oldest dresses herself... I give the baby his bottle and read them all a story... then it's prayers and tucked in with kisses.... it's a CRAZY time but it works for us...

Melissa - posted on 02/05/2010




My husband works swings as well and I put my 3 year old, 2 year old, and 5 month old to bed. I put my 5 month old down first, then I bathe my 3 & 2 year old together, read them their stories, and then I let them pick a book to take to bed with them. They usually read themselves to sleep.

Bianca - posted on 01/21/2010




Maybe try bathing them bottles for who need them then curl up in one place and read a book, put one to bed, read another book, put another to bed then read one more book and put him/her in bed. It works very well for my friend :)

Bianca - posted on 01/11/2010




i only have one but wat i do is prepare his foot an bath clothes an then i give him bath dress him an then feed then bed. mayb if u dont already just b4 its time for bed get all there bath things ready an food try bath them feed them all same time an bed same time only way to do it is try get them all in same routine its hard with one let alone 3.

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