Mommy has Tattoos!

A community for Chicago's non-soccer moms, tattooed or not. It's time for us to all meet each other, hang out, put on events, arrange playdates, carpools, etc and this can all be done through our own community, Mommy has Tattoos! Also be sure to donate to our charity that helps these same mommies that are joining our community! If you are joining this community, then you are also someone who should either donate or who needs donations, so please let us know either way! Click on the website link or the logo picture to go to the donation site or go to for information on how to donate, how to donate your time, how to become a state manager for the charity or how to request help. Thanks!


Chicago Mommies with babies 6-12 months old

Hello :) I started this community and the charity as well, and my baby is a 9 month old baby boy! One of the great things about this site is being able to meet new people and...


Chicago event?

Lets get at least 25 Chicago members together and then schedule an event! We can all meet and maybe discuss a fundraiser for the Mommy has Tattoos! charity, so let me know your...