Mommy & Me Health Club

I was recently asked by my local health department to develop a "Mommy & Me" group, which means that I'm in dire need of ideas! I want to hear from mothers of ALL ages with children of ALL ages ANY ideas you may have for activities that promote physical, mental, and developmental health in both the mother and child. What topics you would like to know more about, want to discuss in a support group setting, and what intensives would get you to come to a group like this, as well as just discussing issues in this community online. Basically I'm looking for inspiration from you in exchange for my support and friendship :) I hope this group really takes off and we can help each other out! I'm really just looking for inspiration from dedicated, involved mommies who consider health a top priority in their families.


The budget meeting... FUNDING STOLEN

The grant proposal for our group funding was approved. When the the health department staff sat down to look at the books and give us the green light to start spending on...


Cloths/toy swap... FREE activity

Some of you may be familiar with cloths swaps, where you bring your unwanted items and trade with others for their unwanted items. Since there will be kids of both genders and...


Hey Moms!

As Spring is creeping up on us, so it the beginning of THE REAL Mommy & Me group here in town. It would be a great help to me if I could get a little feed back from all of you...


2 part Day at the pool

I'm thinking for this... we will have part one be a discussion meeting where we talk about the rumors that a baby will swim if you throw them in the pool, and the importance of...


Happy New Year!

Like many my New Years resolution is to get fit, eat better, work out more... but this is really an all year goal for me, a constant work in progress. With Spring, and the...


How was Everyone's Chritmas??

This Christmas was the first i spent with my boyfriends ENTIRE family... I learned just how crazy some of them are, and found all about their weird traditions. But Chloe, who is...


hey moms

im new to this website but im excited to share stories and advice with other moms! its always good to talk to someone who REALLY understands whats going on


One more idea

Hi!!! So, I thought of one more thing that I think would be a LOT of fun! I don't know if you plan on charging a fee, whether you are or about an annual "field trip"...


Pilates with baby

WHO DOES PILATES? Has anyone taken a pilates with baby class? How effective is it as a workout, how hard is it to include baby, and at what age is it safe to do so?


New Suggestions

So here are a few new things I thought up, (because you have made me want to look into starting a Mommy and Me group in my town). Things that would be nice to discuss would be...