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Asking for help here...I was a K9 handler for 2 years at my old department. I have since started at a new dept and have been on patrol there for a year. A k9 handler spot just opened up and since it's my passion, I put in for it. However, I found out I am pregnant and due in Sept. Any ideas or help??? I have the oral board next week and am concerned about whether I should address the pregnancy in the interview (no one at the dept knows yet) or wait until the position is offered to me and then tell them.....any help or advice is greatly appreciated.


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Hi Jackie!

Welcome to the group and thanks for your post. 

Personally, I think you need to weigh what you're passion is now; your pregnancy or the K9 position.  (And that is your personal decision.)  If the K9 positions in the new department are far and few between, I would personally wait until I passed the boards, and not tell them I'm  pregnant to see where I landed in the process and subsequently where I landed on the list.  When I was offered the job, I would go Chain Of Command and address the issue at that time.  Since there is usually a list that follows any interview process, they would have to guarantee the spot to you once it is offered.  But that is also in a big department as well. 

Also, you need to think about the amount of time and training it takes to handle a K9 WITHOUT a child.  It's a very difficult position, as well as being demanding with training, and learning/bonding with your K9, etc.  Being a mom is harder, lol.  So until you have a grasp on your home life, with your new child, and new schedule/breastfeeding vs bottle/etc., and how the dog would react/temperment, I personally would wait to take the position.

I found it very difficult to do the DUI/THI task force and try to get pregnant.  Now that I have # 1 and am pregnant with # 2, with my schedule and my daughter in my life, I really can't see going back until #2 is in pre-K.  It's just not possible for me.  I also was in the testing for a Sgt. position at the time I found out I was prego with #2 and dropped out because I wanted to eliminate stress and concentrate on my pregnancy.

I'm content with the regular patrol thing so I am available for her and this next one.  And I am needed more than I ever thought possible from one little bundle of energy, let alone two.  But again, that's me.  You need to do what makes YOU happy.

Whatever decision you make, it's a personal one.  We can only suggest.  I'd love to hear what other moms/police officers/spouses think!  Thanks!

Good luck-


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