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This is a place for mom's to talk to other mothers about anything that's on there minds.Its hard being with a baby all day and not being able to talk to a older person.Being in baby land can make you go crazy sometimes, we all love it.We just need that mommy talk to get us through!


The Two year Molar Fits

So Haley has all four of her 2 year molars in.OMG this was the hardest teething I think she has ever experienced.She wakes up in such a bad mood because her mouth hurts,she...

Started by Ashley on 08/25/2011 in Mommy Talk

Last update on 08/28/2011 by Ashley



SOrry its been a while since I have eben on to chat with you pretty moms. The topic today is crawling.My little baby girl has been low crawling for a month and has been getting...

Started by Ashley on 05/04/2010 in Mommy Talk

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New Year Jitters

Ok So anyone have any new years jitters like me or am i just going mad?????????

Started by Ashley on 01/11/2010 in Mommy Talk

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I dont know about you but my hormones are still as little out of whack and its making me kinda snappy.Anyone else feeling the same?If you need to vent please do.I feel better...

Started by Ashley on 12/21/2009 in Mommy Talk

Last update on 12/26/2009 by Ashley


Christmas shooping for babies!

Ok so what the hell can you get a baby that they don't already have.Well mommy's out there if people are asking you what should i get your baby for Christmas, just reply"gift...

Started by Ashley on 12/22/2009 in Mommy Talk

Last update on 12/22/2009 by Ashley