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Mommys and Daddys Who Are Not Married

Now a days not every parent is married. This is a group for the non married parents out there and I know there are lots of us out there that do not wanna get married just because we have kids. So if you and your partner have children and are NOT married... come join this group. ( This is a non judgmental comminuty. )


Thoughts on marriage

So, are you ladies unmarried by choice or circumstance? Planning on getting married sooner or later? Want to wed or not? And what are some of your reasons/circumstances for...


What do you think???

I was just wondering what everyone thinks about playing FAVORITES with you kids??? I don't think it's a nice to play favorites with your children because it can hurt the...


Who stays at home???

When I had my daughter I was the stay at home mom for 2 in a half years... I got pregnant and went to work. After I had my son 4 weeks later back at work. My boyfriend is Mr....


Message Board Welcome

Hello to all the new members of Mommys and Daddys who are not married. We are a kind community to where everybody can have their own opinon without judgement. Lets please try...