Mommy's Little Girl...

Mothers with daughters are welcome to come and show there love and give advice to one another.. We welcome everyone to share their stories and ask questions as they wish... Hope this community will help you.. It can be a place to just express yourself. and your love for your little girl...


anyone feel alone?

i have a 9month old daughter and im a stay at home mom, my faince works but dont hlp out with alexis at all! he hasnt changed her since she was 4months, never has givin her a...


Ear Piercing

How old do you think a child should be before you get their ears pierced or do you think you should wait until they ask for it to be done..



you ladies want to chat about anything??? Feel free to do so. Thats why this community is here.. Also spread the word to your circle if yuo would like..


Mother's Day

I want to wish every mother a very "Happy Mother's Day".. Hope that you enjoy your special day with your loved ones.. And to all soon to be mothers the same..


New Community...

Mom with little girls.. Please feel free to come here and talk about whatever.. We can never talk too much about our little girls... So please feel free to chat away..