Is there anybody on here still? I really want to find other moms going thru the same thing as me?


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Jenn - posted on 11/11/2011




Hi honey, I have not been on COM in quite some time so i am just now reading this post, but i am back for good now. I am a 24 year old sahm to two children, a 2yr old daughter and 5 yr old son. I have been on methadone for a little over two years, before going on it my life was a train wreck. I went from one drug to another and everything in between. My drug of choice was hydro-morphine and Oxycontin, but i would often use cocaine and crack cocaine when i was trying to come off of the pills. Traded one for the other basically. Anyhow, i have now been clean for over two years and i am loving my life once again. I firmly believe if not for methadone program i would be dead or in jail. It saved my life, and my family. I am forever grateful. I am working on slowly weaning down, i was on 80ml's at my highest (i went on it when i was preggers with my 2nd child, i was started on just 25mls/day...Thank god my daughter was born fine and was home in just four days with no withdrawals...I was definitely prepared for the worse though). I am now on 60 ml's a day, however i am in no real rush. I can say with confidence that i will NEVER go back to that lifestyle and i encourage anyone with an addiction to seek help, do not be ashamed and do not be afraid. It may not be an easy road, but nothing good comes easy. Anyways Destiny, if you ever want to chat then just hit me up:) I would love to have someone to talk to who can relate to my experiences. I am going to add you to my circle so please feel free to accept the invitation. Talk soon:)

Julie - posted on 06/05/2011




Im on here!! I'm new to these community ,But I'm here any time u would like to talk!! Standing Storng!!

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