Mommys who are Paramedics

A place for Moms to talk about the hazards of the job, working crappy hours, and all the other things that comes with motherhood and working.



ok, so we all know that pregnant women urinate more often for many reasons. my understanding is that it is often a matter of frequency and urgency vs amount. pee often, small...


hI !

Thank goodness i'm not alone! Just wanna say "KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK OUT ON THE ROAD!" We're not Paramedics, we're ANGELS!


Its so quiet in here!

Hi everyone, I have been checking this site for sometime and havent really seen any activity. I just wanted to say hi to everyone and see how you are all doing! Im on mat leave...


Mat leave stress

Argh, my mat leave is almost over and although I do miss the job, I am dreading going back. How do your shifts work? I am lucky enough to only have to work 2 days a week...


Just want to say hello to everyone!

I'm happy to find a group on here for women who work in emergency services to chat with and share concerns! My name is Amber I am from Edmonton Alberta Canada. I work as and...



Is there anyone else that wants to add to this group, I'm getting lonely!!


Hello everyone!

Hi ladies :) My name is Nicole, and i've been a medic now for just over 2 years. I'm expecting my first child in april. i'm looking forward to the challenge of being a working...