Any one out there with a 41/2 that is autistic and not potty trained


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Josie - posted on 10/22/2009




the key thing is to be consistent in what you to the school work on a plan that both of you will use and be consistent....a visual, can be you think its behavioral? is he high functioning or low functioning? different ways to help....if you can elaborate more would love to in the field for over 10 years...there' s many things you can do but the key is consistency....

May - posted on 04/16/2009




I have tired everything known to man but coltons speech is still at a age 2 level he has no problem using the tiolet but he will not let u know when he has to go. At school they have been working on it for about 2 years now and so have i don't know what to do he can say poo and peeppy but will not let u know when so we are trying to figure out what our next step will be thank u for your suggestion and lets chat again later

Paulette - posted on 04/16/2009




Hi May, I have a son who is mildly autistic and now is 7 years old. He has been hard to get trained. I tried videos, going with us to see how it was done, a pad called PODS and pull-ups plus books. I also tried the sticker reward system and getting special underwear. What things have you tried? Like any other child calmness and patience is key. I know it is not easy but it is important. I found my son is so sensitive too. With autistic children they have trouble communicating their feelings and needs as I am sure you well know. Has your child had trouble with #2 movements? I found out that children on the spectrum have trouble with dairy and contributes to this. Earlier on he was having stomaches and would hold it because it was to hard and big to push out. So this delayed his progress in being trained too. We got him to the point where it was only pull-ups at night for a while, with accidents during the day. Progress has been made there. Till recently I put a cover over his mattress and told him there were no more pull-ups after this package was done. If he peed then he would be wet and sleeping in it. That seems to be the ticket so far.

If you would like to talk further with me just send me an email or post to my profile wall. There is also a 'autism awareness' group I think its under causes or applications. My husband and I go on there too. Take care.

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