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My 11 month old just had her first top teeth break through this week, but I think she may be getting others. The poor baby is crabby and usually eats a lot, but the past couple of days all she wants is her baby yogurt. I've been sneaking in cereal and fruit between bites so she gets some variety. She hates it when I use Orajel, so I've been giving her safe things to bite (teething ring). Any advice?

(Talk about different - when my son got his teeth, you would have never known it!)


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There are also those little contraptions on the market that you can put food or ice into for them to suck on. You can put pureed fruit into it and freeze it.

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Hyland Teething Tablets - they are the best! Orajel numbs their tongue and they hate it. she will be okay for now. let her eat what she wants, think of how painful it is when you're gums are in pain. they're just like us, just mini-versions of us.

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I used to put an ice cube in a receiving blanket & let him suk on it & move it around he just loved that more than anything plus teething toys are great as well

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My daughter is 16 mos now but went through seemingoy major discomfort with her molars. Same thing, couldn't eat. For pain, we gave tylenol, which seemed to help her within 5-10 minutes. Don't worry about the appetite. We gave her lots of pureed fruits, yougurt or whatever she liked. After the teething, she ate regular food again with gusto!

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Sorry, but I haven't found anything that works very well as far as bringing the appetite back. I have used teething  tablets (Hyland's Homeopathic) and they seem to help some. I haven't tried tylenol, but my son hasn't been too bad so far. He is 7 months old and has one tooth that has just broken through. I have tried a cold washcloth to chew on and the cold teething rings. His appetite has been pretty good, he just got a little fussy a couple of weeks before the tooth came through, mainly when eating and wouldn't eat as much. Hope all is better by now!  

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