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**Abuse and Neglect of American Children Has Increased 134% Since 1980
**Physical Abuse Has Increased 84% Since 1980
**Sexual Abuse Has Increased 350% Since 1980
**Emotional Abuse Has Increased 333% Since 1980
**Child Neglect Abuse Has Increased 320% Since 1980

*Since 1990, 10,000+ American children have died at the hands of their parents or caretakers.
* Four children die every day in this country from child abuse and neglect.
* In 2000, over 3 million children were reported as abused or neglected in the U.S.
*80 percent of violent juvenile and adult prisoners were raised in violent homes.
* The United States annually spends an estimated $258 million on foster care, incarceration and other societal costs because of the abuse and neglect of children. This amounts to $1,460 per family, per year. Despite these high costs, the federal government invested only $10 in prevention research for every case reported.
* Survivors of abuse are six times more likely to become abusive parents.
* One in four girls and one in six boys will be sexually abused before the age 18.
* Abused children are 25 times more likely to repeat a grade.
* 75 percent of high school dropouts have a history of abuse in their families.
*45 percent of abused children become adult alcoholics.

**The safest family for a child is a home in which the biological parents are married.
**Cohabitation, an increasing phenomenon, is a major factor in child abuse.
**The incidence of child abuse decreases significantly as family income increases.
**Child abuse frequently is intergenerational.
**Child abuse is prevalent in "communities of abuse" with family breakdown.
**Child abuse is directly associated with serious violent crime.
**The lowest risk ratio for physical abuse is one in which the biological parents are married and the family has always been intact.
**Abuse is 6x's higher in the second-safest environment: the blended family in which the divorced mother has remarried.
**Abuse is 14x's higher if the child is living with a biological mother who lives alone.
**Abuse is 20x's higher if the child is living with a biological father who lives alone.
**Abuse is 20x's higher if the child is with biological parents who are not married but are cohabiting.
**Abuse is 33x's higher if the child is living with a mother who is living with a man.
** 1,500 children die from abuse each year.
**There are 140,000 injuries to children from abuse each year.
**There are 1.7 million reports of child abuse each year.
** 1 in 4 women in North America were molested in childhood.
**2 million+ cases of child abuse and neglect are reported each year in the U.S.
**An estimated 150,000 to 200,000 new cases of sexual abuse occur each year.
**There were an estimated 903,000 victims of maltreatment nationwide.
**An estimated 1,100 children died of abuse and neglect, a rate of approximately 1.6
**1 in 7 males will have been sexually molested before the age of 18.
**10 deaths per 100,000 children per year in the general populations.
**Each day in the U.S. more than 3 children die as a result of child abuse in the home.
**Child abuse is reported on average every 10 seconds.
**Approximately 3 MILLION child abuse reports are made each year.
**oNLY two-thirds of the reported cases were investigated.
**An estimated 903,000 victims were substantiated by child protective services agencies in 1998.
**Convicted rape and sexual assault offenders report that 2/3 of their victims were under the age of 18.
**Among rape victims less than 12 years of age, 90% of the children knew the offender, according to police-recorded incident data.
**Frequently, the person who sexually molests a child is also a child themselves.


Brenda - posted on 01/30/2012




unfortunately this is a situation I have become desensitized to. Between my own experiences as a child, and the line of therapy I work in, it is simply a given fact of life that some children are going to be sexually abused by one person or another no matter how protective a parent you are. In fact, I am pleasantly surprised when a client does NOT have a history of abuse or atleast an isolated incident in their past. Sad, but a fact of this life, AND a major ingredient in the soup of experiences that mold our identities (good or bad...). I'm not here to comment on statistics- my issue is that for many of these kids, along with all the challenge an experience like this can offer, they are also coming out of this with an awakened sense of sexuality. For a young child who does not understand the right and wrong of the actions upon them, the abuse can feel good. So then what do we do with, say, an 8 yr old boy who now has an awakened sex drive? Tell him to ignore it until he's an appropriate age to express himself physically??? These are the kids who commonly become young perpetrators, preying on younger children, or continuous victims who seek physical comfort/develop poor boundaries and get taken advantage of. Counseling and meds are useful tools, but probably won't keep a sexually driven child or adolescent from caving to his natural urges.. This is what I'm thinking, masterbation interventions!!!! I'm still working out the details of how this would fall into the code of ethics for therapists, but the point is once you've been turned-on so to speak, you just can't be turned off, we are merely human, so we have gotta get creative to really explore treatment options that will work. Next we'll get blow-up dolls in prisions and watch the violence rates plummet! Seriously.

Gina - posted on 01/02/2011




But what are the statistics of how many single moms or other women sexually molest their sons, daughters or other unrelated kids? I bet its much higher than the boyfriends,dads or other men who do that because a recent survey indicated that sons, daughters and unreleated kids keep that kind of secret with their moms or other women that they don't fear at a surprisingly far greater rate than the boyfriends, dads or other men. The true to life statistics of women or moms who molest kids are really not available because it is very often kept a secret especially when the kids turn 12 or 13 and when it involves a single mom with one daughter.

Claire - posted on 04/18/2009




I am a single mom and know that my environment is safe for my children. My son was molested by his father who lives all alone. I also have twins who have not been abuse and there is no father in their lives and I raise them alone, have educated them about their bosies and other people, and i have a trusting relationship with them and I do not date. Not all satistics are correct. Some times its education that needs to be addressed not just statistics.. I am in the middle of a horrible case involing my son. I think that child abuse should be punished much more severly.. why are these abusers walking? where is the system to protect our kids when things do happen?


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Pat - posted on 09/16/2011




Keeping your kids as close as you can to you, gender trust and confidence, and tell them to call you when they feel unsafe, or have gotten themselves into a bad situation...know matter what it is. You will be there. Sometimes, that is the thread that binds them to safety. Also, they are more willing to share when something happens. Know where they are at all times, friend's houses, whatever, until they are 18. They will thank you for a safer, and more nurturing childhood. If you have to work days, make sure they are with people who care for them, or check in on them. I was lucky to have run a home day care, or worked outside the house and had a trusted woman neighbor who looked after them. PN (ECE)

User - posted on 08/31/2009




I can agree with some of these stats. I just found out that my live in boyfriend had sexually abused my daughter at least twice. I am a single mom with two young kids, 9 year old daughter and a six year old son. Now I don't know what to do. I am still very much distraught and depressed and blaming myself. I have to be strong for my children though. I don't think I'll be dating anyone for a long long time after this. It's just who can you trust?

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