I never thought my husband was like this!

Emily - posted on 10/20/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




I was waking up this morning and well you know babies cry. He was crying and then he screamed like Ive never heard him (Darius) scream before. I got up and ran into the living room to see Darius lying on the floor screaming with Ryan crouched over hin slapping him across the face over and over again. I ran over pushed Ryan away ran to the bedroom and started calling 911 then Ryan tackled me on the bed and wrestled the phone away from me and I ran to the front door and he blocked it. I finally got the phone back and called the cops.


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Katherine - posted on 10/20/2011




I hope that you and Darius are ok and that the police came and intervened!!!

Your husband needs some serious counseling and parent training as Jane said. Please if you can help him get there do complete them.

I would also suggest maybe taking a bit of a break/breather from each other, take the babe and head to your parents house, or somewhere you feel safe so that you can calm down and relax and focus on making sure your little man is happy again

Jane - posted on 10/20/2011




Wow! Your husband needs counseling and parenting training at the very least. What did the cops do?

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