Lets really look at who to blame for children suffering absue and death

Jenny - posted on 03/03/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




Thouse figures that were posted I belive need to be looked at because how many were really abused or not.I belive we need to look at were our tax dollars are going and paying for.The system is the one really failling these children.They spend there time and effort going after good parents and leaving abused children in their homes or giving them back with no problems.We don;t even knowledge that parents with problems with drugs and achole are abusing their children.I know this because my child is currently in foster care he fell off of a slide and the dr relesed us home,then a pastor called the police and cps and told them he thought it was abuse.They removed our child and their dr change the story and said these injurys could not have happened from falling only from being hit with a hard flat object but our child had no broken bones or fractures.The doctor could not even dignose it as child abuse just susption of child abuse based on past hisory.My husband 2 yrs ago accidently gave our 2 month old too much tylenole,and our 7 yr old was adopted out because we were not ready to be parents it was a open adoption.Th courts and the system just need to learn what child abuse is


Heather - posted on 03/15/2010




I know what you mean... I had DCF inmy life a few times cause of accidents that happen to my kids.. My daughter that is 6 years old now had an accident when she was a month and a half.. an ex friend of mine tripped down the stairs and my daughters head went though the wall and she ended up with a skull fracture and from that accident ended up having epilipsy had to take medicine since she was 6 months old until like 2 years ago.. Never had DCF called for that.. Then my son who is now 8 years old got ahold of his sisters medicine and he overdosed on it. My son almost died cause of it.. The hospital called DCF and the police on me.. They transported my son up to another hospital and hour away and i was taken down to the police station getting questioned by the detectives.. them trying to say that I gave my son the medicine and i would never do that I wassleeping when he took her meidcine.. My son was left by himself for 4 hours up at the other hospital.. DCF was up my ass for what happen and they wanted to take my kids from me but luckily they didn't.. then my son who is 19months old now when he was 5months he moved the bumpers upin his crib and put his leg though the bars up to his thigh and got it stuck there.. I had to pull his leg out and he had a doctors appointment and he ended up with a bruise around his thoigh and the doctor called DCF on me.. When they came out they saw how hyper my son was and seen how his tanturms were and they ended the case.. But the law makes no sense leaving these kids who are getting abused by their parents or other family members in that home.. Kids who really need to get taken out of their homes don't... the parents that are good parents are the ones that get fucked over all the time and its not right. the law needs to start protecting their kids from asshole parents that don't deserve to have their kids.. anyone who is a drug addict or drinks all the time should get their kids taken away...

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