what are my rights and what can i do to protect me and my son?

Lindsay - posted on 04/14/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




gggrrrrr, im so frustrated, my sons father and i broke up a few weeks ago after 5 year, our son is 3 and still adjusting to separation. he takes our son on weekends now for a few hours at a time. 2 weeks ago i found out he has had a new girl he's been sleeping with there with him and our son past 2 weeks which i wasnt ok with. i called him and than the girl and asked both of them nicely to keep their new relationship away from our son until more time has passed cause its not fair to my son who is still adjusting to the mommy daddy not together thing. 2 days later i have a police officer at my door serving me papers saying the new girlfriend or whatever she is, is filing a harassment charge against me which my ex put her up to i later found out. He has been very argumentative and controlling since the break up. so ive been beside myself. this was a weekago . so this friday i sent him an email saying from now on all plans need to be made for the weekend and pick up times of our son on that friday before the weekend. i never got a response, today is sat. i had plans to have my son and i go to a farm pick nick at 2, my ex's mother who is my sons grandmother wanted to take max my son for beakfast and drop him off at 1, i said ok. 130 came and no maxton, so i called and she told me that my ex scott had taken maxton. i than called him and said that this isnt ok and that i never heard from him and i had plans, he than said he was out to eat with him and his new girl (the one who is filing charges) and to go fuck myself and hung up. im so upset im shaking i dont know what to do about this, about my ex's new girlfriend, ect. can i file a restraining order on her till this mess is cleaned up or what do i do? please please help

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