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Are you experiencing hormonal changes through Peri-Monopause or Menopause? Let's help each other get through the mood swings; hot flashes; night sweats; etc. by discussing different things we have done that may help each other. Pills, lotions, diet, etc. How do you cope, what helps, etc.? Let's help and support each other.


He Shou Wu

I have been taking He Shou Wu for 2 months now,and it has decreased my night sweats dramatically.I feel better,it is supposed to help with a number of health problems,so that is...


32 with TVH 9 months ago

I am 32 and had a TVH 9 months ago and have started having pre menopausal symptoms. I went to my doctor to have my hormones tested and he told me everything came out in the...



Does anyone get migranes during their period? I did not have my period for three months. I got it yesterday. I have had such a bad headace late yesterday and today all day long....


New here - help please

Hi all, thanks for having me in your group. I need some help to figure out what is wrong. I had my son 2 years ago and when my period returned a year ago after i stopped feeding...


Late Period

does anyone else go thru late periods? Either Im a week early or a week late. This month I was due Sept 5th and still nothing! 100 percent not pregnant.


We need new Posts

Ladies, we need to help keep this site going by posting more questions, answers, etc. to help each other. I know there are thousands of Moms out there like us. Please invite...


Here are some new Tips

I got this information from the Doctor Oz show ( If you don't watch it, or know about it, check out his website. It is full of great medical tips for just...