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Shelly - posted on 11/20/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




I know that I said that I'd tell you my story. It's taken me too long to do this. Here is the story of my daughter Sara's death. Sara was just 17 when she was at a church activity in Palos Verdes, CA.(May 29, 2002). When it was time to leave, she was nowhere to be found. We reported her missing that night. After 8 1/2 months of searching, posting 1000's of fliers, countless hours of dealing with incompetent police, and enough tears to fill an ocean, her body was finally found (Feb 5, 2003). She was found over the edge of a cliff just about 4 miles from where she disappeared from. How it took so long for someone to find her remains is unbelievable. But she was found. The police first kept insisting that she either fell or jumped. I knew different. Sara was bi- polar but was taking her meds and was in a GREAT mood the night she went missing. I knew in my heart that she didn't do this to herself. After the coroner's investigation, which included having a skull reconstructive anthropologist, it was deemed a homicide. Since the police did such a horrible job when she first went missing there wasn't enough of her body left to collect any evidence. Her body was on a cliff that faced the ocean and the salt air destroyed everything. Leaving nothing to go on. So to this day she murderer has not been found. We are pretty sure who the person is. Someone who had been stalking her before she disappeared. But the police questioned he and he had told them he didn't know what happened to her. And after he was arrested on 1st degree murder charges of someone else, they questioned he again. He told them he'd seen her in the lower part of town with her hair dyed black and she didn't want to go home. Funny thing, when she was found her hair, or what was left, was BLONDE! The same color it was when she disappeared that night. We know that justice will probably never be served her in this life. But we have put our faith in God's hands and know that it will happen someday. We know that we WILL see our beautiful Sara again and we look forward to that day. We miss her so much but know that she is safe and happy. BTW, the sunflower for this community was Sara's favorite flower. I thought it was appropriate since this was started because of her. :)


Trisha - posted on 07/05/2011




Shelly, I just read about your sweet Sara. Im sooo sorry for your loss. In saying that.... it just doesnt cover what what Im feeling. Im mother who has lost my son and know that you never forget and you miss them forever. My heart goes out to you ((Hugs)) I will pray for Gods continued strength and peace for you and your family. You are right, this is in Gods hands and You Will See You Beautiful Girl Again ~
Trisha ~

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