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hubby just what?

Stacey - posted on 02/13/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




I am having a real hard time here have been for months now but it just seems to be getting worse not better..... I feel like i am alone in my battle and that i have no one on my side, we moved to a new town right before my baby was born a little over 3 months now, actually it was new to me but not the hubby he grew up here and has friends and family galore, I have no one, my family is hours away, and i never get to leave the house unless to go to his relatives. since having the baby i have been struggling with depression and he has been blabbing his mouth off about all my problems to his family and friends, exagerating things and making me feel even worse about myself. i feel even more alone and isolated cause I don't even want to see these people anymore. I asked him to leave tonight cause the relationship is suffering cause i feel i can't trust him anymore...... not sure if it was the right thing to do or not. I am really confused and hurt. I need advice and support if anyone can help.


Amanda - posted on 02/23/2010




So sorry to hear that hun. My biggest problem when I was dealing with my PPD was that I hated my husband. Sometimes they don't realize how hormones do effect people. My husband always said that it was something I could just un think my yeah right! It aggitated me to no end. Thankfuly I lived away from his family & close to my own mom ....cause men need to face it who are we going to ask for help their family or our own. That has to be tough. You definately need to get out of the house. Try to see if you can find play groups in your area....or even search on facebook for mom's in your area. The one thing I found was best was talking to other moms. Men won't understan. I had to take meds for about 6 months and I felt sooo much better. Talk to your Dr. And say to HE double hockey sticks with the fact that the family knows u have's a real condition that you should not be ashamed of. Try talking to your man...let him know that his exagerations don't help and that you will only get through this period if he is supportive not putting u down. Sometimes they are dence! Just don't make any BIG decisions right now about divorce ect....that's what my Dr. told me. If you need to talk I'm here & there are alot of great Mom's out there dealing with the same thing. Take care:)

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