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i am a lot better now

Dube_cindy - posted on 05/07/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hi everyone,
I haven't visited this site for what seems like a long time. it scares me a little being here because i was at such a dark place when i used to right my messages and crys out for help. I don't want to go there again. But what I can say right now is WHAT AN EXPERIENCE THAT WAS! i feel myself again, thank god. but i am being careful to recognize the signs to make sure that i treat myself well. looking back i can now see some of the things that may have prevented me at getting better quicker. I totally beleive it was mostely biological. An imballance of hormones and seritonin levels. I started to get better once I took medication. It was so hard for me to take it. It sat in my cupboard for such a long time. I think my condition was preventing me with my decision making. I am so happy I feel intelligent again. After i started the meds I started to eat better. Eating was a big part of my recovery. My husband left me because he could not handle it. I don't blame him. I was terrible. I had not trust in him. I had irrational thoughts about him all the time. He is back now and our relationship is strong. Thank god. I am myself again. I want to let those who are going through this that I feel for you. This was the most difficult thing in my life that I have experienced. I am 40 years old. Once you experience something like this you are able to help someone else because you may know what they are going through. Don't worry you are not crazy, well maybe a little (LOL) but you will be back to yourself in time. Give yourself that time and get some help. You really need it! I hope i have not offended anyone with what i just said. If i did I am sorry, I am just speaking about my own experience and what I felt and went through.


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Becky - posted on 07/24/2009




thank you for the encouraging story!! it's nice to hear of the outcome of this!!

Linda - posted on 05/17/2009




Yeah Cindy! Always great to hear these stories as we will ALL have them, they just do not happen as quickly as we would like while we are deep in PPD. Thanks for sharing and being willing to share and assist with others.

I'm also really excited to hear about your marriage. I'm personally grateful that my husband never walked out (and he had plenty of reasons to do it based on my actions too). But what does not kill us makes us stronger and together we help anyone going through PPD as well. My husband is willing to talk to other husbands and that has really made a difference (men need men just as us women need women - able to have someone that walked or is walking in your shoes).

So congratulations again and BEST WISHES ALWAYS!!!!

Michelle - posted on 05/09/2009




Cindy, I am so glad to hear that you are feeling better and that you feel intelligent again & that your marriage is strong. I, too, have felt much more "me" over the last couple of weeks! It feels soooooo good to feel normal, but when you're in the midst of the dark places where PPD takes you, its impossible to see the light.

Thanks for sharing your recovery. It is nice to see posts like this. Very encouraging. Happy mother's day, everyone!!!

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