Dealing with divorce and ex-hubby wants our son to sleep in his own room. What's Up???

Paige - posted on 03/24/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




So here's the skinny. We split 9 months ago after a lot of fighting and trying to reconcile things. Filed for divorce in June '08 and still going at it. He has a lawyer and our second trip into mediation yesterday he said that I was giving our son a "Barn Yard Education" because he sleeps in the same room as my boyfriend and I. He is concerned with the assumption that Benny our 2 year old is seeing things he shouldn't be. Justifiable, but no matter what I have told him about not doing things in "our" room, or Ben being 2 and needing the closeness right now, or it's perfectly normal for small children to sleep in the same room (own beds), or that being what Ben's used to right now and we've tried to change it around. He doesn't take it well. We live in a 3 bedroom Trailer, and it's roomy enough for our girls to share a room and have Ben the 2 year old in his own room, Or letting him share a room with his half-sister or "step-sister". He is very close to both of them but he won't even lay down for a nap in either of their rooms much less for bed at night. What am I supposed to do about this? I feel like pulling my hair out. It's difference of opinion and I have full intentions when he's older to combine the girls and move him into his own room anyway, Should I go ahead a make the move now or wait a year? The girls are both 6 years old and we're planning on selling the trailer and buying a house in 2 years anyway, so with that what do you think????


Tonya - posted on 03/25/2009




honestly i would move him in his own room. put a fish tank in there with goldfish or even a night light.stuffed animals, or even music.add a baby gate if nessary he may be used to sleeping with you in your room and he may cry about it for abit but as he gets older if hes not used to sleeping in another room. then it will be harder to break him from climbing in to bed with you.not to mention it may put your boyfriend at odds with him when your boyfriend may want to plan for some alone time. the first few weeks will be hard

let him cry for a bit and dont give it. cause then he will know if he crys a lot , he know you will give in. good luck! . it will get easier as time goes by.

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