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Hi I am a mother of 2 girls. I have had a hard two yrs fighting to get my kids back. I have done so much to show that I was and have always been a fit mother and that I can do more for them than their own father. I have my own place 2 bedroom, he lives at home with his mother, i pay my child support all the time on time and even give him more when he needs it. I take them to Doctors app, involved in school with them keep them when he fly his girlfriend down from Canada and I have bought food for their house. All of their school supplies and so much more. He keeps telling me that I am their part-time mother and that is my job and that I can do what ever I want and keep what ever I want that I will never get them back end of the story. Is this true, or do I still have a fighting chance to get my babies back?


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Christina - posted on 02/23/2011




Why does their father have custody? That might make a huge decision on if you will ever get full custody back. However, instead of trying to get full custody, you need to try for joint custody.

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I am not sure why your children are with there father. But have you kept records of everything you have done for your children. As long as you have doucmentation of the things you have done I would not see why the courts would not considered giving you custody of your children. But probably depends on why the BD got custody in the first place and the laws where you live. Good Luck.

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