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I work for Work at Home United posting ads online for Melaleuca. Some of you have heard of this and some haven't but I am very passionate about Melaleuca. They are a 25 year old wellness company that has been debt-free, which speaks volumes in this economy. But their products are what I am most passionate about. They have over 400 green products devoted to health and wellness. These products are cost-efficient and last you longer than the regular store brands. They are also safer for you, your home and your environment. I wanted to create a group where I can inform people of interesting products and be a resource for anyone who is looking for a stay-at-home job and/or being a customer of these wonderful products!!


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I work at home, which is fantastic for me and my almost 2-yr old. I am also expecting another at the end of October. I love being a mother, but I also love contributing to my...


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Hello! My name is Samantha C. I'm Married going on two years, and we have a daughter who will be one soon! We are overseas at the moment and since moving here I thought...