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Nix - posted on 03/19/2011 ( 6 moms have responded )




hi im a single mom living in south florida area and i need help. iam currently a single mom to a beautiful 5 month old baby whose father does nothing to help he doesnt even call or visit which is especially hard since my baby spent 4 months in the hospital due to being premature. i singed up for child support through (dor) department of revenue back in november me and my son already went in fro our dna test but the sperm doner has yet to do so i recently called dor and they told me the sheriff went to serve him the papers at his residence and his family member told them that he hasnt lived ther in over a year which is a bold face lie. now there telling me that nothing can be done untill he is served with the papers but mind you i gave them all his info place of work the address his social security number everything my question is why cant they just go to his job since they have all the info it just doesnt make any sense to me he bascially trying to work the system by not getting served with the papers do you think that i can do it myself maybe by hiring a process server to go to his job and serve him the papers or even have a sheriff meet at his job and serve him the papers im so frustrated caue the medical bills and cost of living for my baby is piling up on me can somebody please help me!!!


Christina - posted on 04/07/2011




Since you have started the process, keep calling and asking for their help and assistance. I would consider the reality that he seems like he is going to do everything he can to get out of this. That happens a lot.
Next - move forward. Consider filing for all assistance programs you can if you haven't yet. From there, I would suggest reaching out to Church groups you feel good about in your area that have single mom programs and support ministries. YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE A CHURCH GOER TO GET HELP. I am in a circle through a church, but I do not go there. It's about the moms and the kids.
I would begin researching reliable, trustworthy day care options. Many facilities accept children at 6 months if you need to get some work. I used an in home day care provider, some of them accept Title 20, check them out, make sure they have references.
Even if he did the test, and the paperwork went through, it still can take weeks before you see any money. Don't rely on this - it might not ever happen. Since it sounds like his family doesn't want to help you - move on. This can drive some women crazy, I understand that. But you can do this. We have done it - every day you can promise yourself you are going to focus on solutions. Calling the child support office every week is one thing to do. Have a list of next steps, maybe one a day. Today I am calling about getting them to send me the paperwork for Title 20 day care assistance. If I'm exhausted, at least I got that done. Then the next day call some churches, call the YWCA (they have amazing lists of outreach programs and other great things). Call St. Vincent de Paul Society.
This organization helps people in South Florida just found it on the web:
You can do this - one day, one diaper, one nap, one dollar at a time. One day - take it slow. Enjoy your baby, you'll will succeed. Maybe dad is supposed to be out of the picture so you can do great and amazing things - just the two of you.


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Destiney - posted on 01/20/2012




I also live in south florida and that is what they do. They give you the run around and make the process longer. It would be better if you hire a process server yourself and get the ball rolling. Because if you wait on them it would never get done. GOOD LUCK.

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dont be discouraged, file anyway. When they finally do find him, if he is working they can garnish his wages. if not, even if he never pays, they can take his tax refund, any lottery winnings, settlement money. Just dont depend on the money. I rarely got any money from my ex, he hid it all in his wifes name etc., but he still legally does owe me that money. If he were to try to sell his house, there is a lien on it from the State of FL.

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Well after reading this Im a little discouraged.... I want to put my sons father on child support except hes one of those people who never stay in one place he's living at a beach rental right now week to week who knows where he'll go next. So if I file theres not a gurantee they will find him.... lost a little bit of hope...

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First off... let me say I'm glad your baby is out of hospital and doing well (hopefully)...Second..I have been trying for 6 almost 7 yrs to get my ex-husband to pay Child Support..He works "Full Time" but some how sneaks by without paying...I'm not here to judge you but all I want to say is this...FORGET ABOUT HIM AND HIS ACTIONS AND ENJOY YOUR TIME WITH YOUR BABY!!! I've wasted lots of time and energy worrying about WHY he's not paying and How will I get by!!! Trust me...Nothing is worse than constant worry about money!!...It will all work out for you in the end ..regardless if he pays support or not...And know this...Your Not Alone!!... I STILL can't for the life of me figure out...How some men sleep at night...knowing their own flesh and blood suffer!! They look at it like this..."She ain't gett'n my money...F**K HER"!!..But honestly it's the kids who suffer!
Take Care and Love your Kids..:) Karen

Nix - posted on 04/10/2011




thanks so much christina for that i really appreciate it and your right maybe it is better that he's not around more time for me. sometimes it can be a bit exhausting with the people from child support cause there not much help at times but im not gonna give up. thank you

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