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Afewgoodplans2010 - posted on 12/09/2012 ( 10 moms have responded )




My son's father does not pay me a dime. We have 50/50 custody, because he fought for it. He hides his money from the IRS. Meanwhile, I struggle to survive financially. It hurts me because I can't provide for my son : (


Nicola - posted on 12/18/2012




I understand completely. My ex pays $1.20 per day for 2 children and he only sees our children fortnightly. Getting $8.20 per week is an insult, he owns his own building company so I guess when he does his tax figures he adjusts them a LOT !

It's been this way for 9 years and I've made requests to have him investigated by the child support agency but I guess they did nothing.

It is hard but we keep going, my kids have never really gone without and I feel comfortable with what we have.
I'd love life to be different sometimes, but I also love my life.
Well .. Most of the time :)

Places like Lifeline, and my younger sons special needs preschool offer amazing support and also hampers and Christmas presents which helps a lot.
Sometimes it gets to me that I have to find resources, but im doing the very best that I can x

Dawn - posted on 12/11/2012




He fought for fight back and call the IRS...the other thing you can do is take him back into court for the child support. They can and will seize just about everything as well as just garnish his earnings from his employer (not knowing his work status). There are programs out there for single have to keep researching. In IL, there are agencies that work with companies to give single moms reduced housing, they provide financial counselors, and set you up on a budget. I would suggest by calling your local city hall to see if they know of agencies in the area. If you have family, then ask for help. Also, don't be opposed to doing garage sales, Goodwill shopping...they have great stuff and cheap. When your son is done, donate it back. Keep your chin up and keep fighting. I know it's hard, but your son is worth it.


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Natalie Ann - posted on 01/14/2013




You took the words clean out of my mouth. My baby's father thinks just because he spends 1,000 dollars on Christmas gifts that he is father of the year. The other 364, he just calls them on the phone and makes broken promises. He does'nt pay a dime to help me with my boys. In fact, he is with another chick now and supports her daughter to the fullest. Pathetic. So nope, I do not let him see them at all. No help, no see. Period.

Stacey - posted on 01/13/2013




I have had the child support battle off and on for awhile. He finally got a got job and was paying me for 3 months plus was paying a little but towards his arrears. He just stopped paying again which means he must have lost yet another job because it gets garnished. To top it off he knows I'm not working right now because I had surgery on my back in November and my doctor won't let me go back to work until at least mid February. I know this doesn't help your situation but hope it helps someone else is going through something similar. I would go file for it at the court and hopefully it'll work out. Until then go to social services and see if there is any assistance you are eligible for.

Valerie - posted on 12/27/2012




I completely understand. For 13 years my ex has paid $41.00 per month...when he would actually pay that is. Last February I requested a modification through child support enforcement. He drug it out until December 10th. Christmas Eve I finally got the magistrates decision that he is to pay nothing in child support because he told them he is unemployed, has no bank accounts and no assets worth more than $500. Reality is that he just bought a new home, new car, new harley and is self employed so he can hide his money. I live 600 miles away with our daughter and struggle daily while he lives quite handsomely. Disgusting! I am in the process now of trying to have the State of Georgia take this over from Ohio and begin the process all over again.

Nancy - posted on 12/26/2012




Is there a court order for child support?If there is,especially if its through the state,the you can find out where to go and get after them about getting after him.There are numbers you can call at the IRS to find out what you can do.If you have his social that would make it easier.The state would seize my kids fathers' tax returns,whenever he would file.He very carefully made sure he had no property in his name.The support he paid,if any at all,was sporadic at best.We were always in court it seemed like.He was locked up,had his license suspended,you name it.After 25 years,I have finally started getting child support when he started getting disability.Until then,I wound up working up to 3 jobs at a time.I did what I had to survive and take care of things.I'm 50,lived through cancer and survived to see both of my grandsons.Just keep on going.Don't ever give up.There's too much riding on it.

Ashley - posted on 12/21/2012




if you have 50/50 custody, then you should not get child support. you support your child when he is with you, and he supports him when he is with him. im sorry you struggle financially, but it would not be fair to him to have to pay child support when he has him 50% of the time, as it would not be fair to you to have to pay child support when you have him 50% of the time.

Jessica - posted on 12/20/2012




Why wouldn't parents who honestly love their children hide money to not pay child support? Seems like crappy parents to me. I love my daughter tremendously - therefore I support her to the best of my ability, its part of being a parent. Her fathers pays nothing, therefore he doesn't get to see her.

Nicola - posted on 12/19/2012




Unfortunately my exhusband is well off and hides his assets and income, it's almost impossible to find out who's name it's under. If you do find a paper trail, he will just say that he repayed a large dept or gave this person money as a gift.

It's not hard for them to do, they put everything in someone else's name and account, offshore accts and only put lines of debt and credit in they're own name and pay the minimun debt repayments per month, so it appears that they are poor and in debt.

It's something that the family law system really need to crack down on as a lot of fathers do it to avoid taking responsibility for they're little ones :(

Lakota - posted on 12/19/2012




If you know that he's hiding it, find a way to prove it to the judge or your attorney.

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