Moms due in December 2008

For mothers who are expecting a new little on in December of 2008



Hello everyone, My second son, Zander, was born at home yesterday in a birthing pool: I thoroughly reccommed it to anyone even toying with the idea of having your baby at home....


High need baby...

I have a 13 months old daughter. She was born on december 17, 2008. She is a very high need baby. She wants me to pick her up whenever i am standing, She likes to play with toys...


dec 17th babies?

he was due on the 12th but didnt come till the 17th. i ended up being induced on the 16th and had him at 8:23 dec 17th. i wasnt dialating on my own and the dr didnt want him to...


Being induced

I am being induced tonight! It has come so fast. Best of luck to the rest of you!


Due Dec 6th

Hey everyone! We're all in the same boat it seems. Ready to sleep on our bellies and cuddle our new babies!!


Started smiling yet?

Will was due 12/29, born 12/19. He just started smiling last week (2/11) and it's so wonderful! Is everyone else just starting to enjoy the smiles? How about sleep? I would...


New Here

I just wanted to intruduce myself. My name is amanda and I just had my third baby. Andrew was born December 18th but he wasn't supposed to be here until january 5th. He weight 5...


Christmas baby!

Part of me is very excited to have a christmas time baby, but part of me feels sad. I don't want this childs birthday to get lost in the christmas festivities. Any suggestions?


She's here!

Emma Rose was born on December 3rd at 8:32pm. She was due to come via repeat section on December 12th, but she very obviously didn't like that birthday and had her own plans....