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Moms Focused on Education

Are you a mom who is active in your child's education? This could range anywhere from homeschooling, unschooling, volunteering at your child's school, PTA, and so on. If so, this is the community for you! Post questions, advice, concerns, resources, and more!


Homework routines

Do you have a homework routine set up for your child/children that's regularly encouraged? If so, can you share it with the rest of us? If not, are you looking for resources...


New educational game!

I found this game and my child loves it! She's leaning how to tell time and the seasons. Your child can come up with new versions and print out their own certificate....


helping kids focus

I am looking to help for my 2nd grader focus more in scool. He is very intelligent, he reads great and is great at math. He has trouble staying on task. please help.


Only 51 members????

I'm just surprised and disappointed that there are so few members. There are so many communities and most have at least 100 or so members. It just goes to show how we really...


First Day of School

How did you react on your child's first day of school? Personally, I cried the first time my oldest went to school. The rest of them, though, were easier because I found...