Mom's for More Modestly Dressed Teen Girls

Group to promote the Modest dress and better Morals for our teenage daugters so they become outstanding young women.


Bathing suit time

bathing suit shopping time is just around the corner. Last year there was atleast some selections for a change that had some coverage to them. We still have to be on the lookout...



I don't know if it's just a fad here where I'm living (France), but I'm having the hardest time finding normal shoes for my girls. It's all the rage to have little heels whether...


Merry Christmas

I would like to welcome all the new members, and apologize for not replying sooner. I\'ve been under the weather with a severe case of bronchitis. I would like to wish everyone...



I'd like to welcome everyone to this forum. I am happy to see that there are many that believe that our bodies are meant to be treated as God's temple. We are to dress...