weight loss and nursing

Angela - posted on 07/13/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




Anyone else nursing? I just do not feel like I am loosing weight fast enough. I have thought about doing some "diets" but many of them are not breast feeding friendly. Anyone else nursing and trying to loose weight. I would like to loose at least 30lbs. I have been at it since my baby girl was born on the 29th of April. I have been kind of down about it. I will kind of go on binges where I will eat everything or not eat anything. Either one makes me sick. I am trying to up my fiber foods, which has lead to crazy smelly gas. It has helped me loose about a .5 to a 1lb a week though. I haven't noticed a drop in milk supply.


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Kaija - posted on 01/24/2016




I lost my extra 35 pounds just in one and half months by drinking mummy magic weight-loss tea and nursing.

Marta - posted on 07/13/2009




We're in the same boat! My daughter was born April 25 and I'm nursing. I refuse to try diets since most of them require you to cut foods out of your diet and usually lead to the yoyo effect. I've been trying to simply eat balanced meals and exercise whenever I can. I've decided to set a reasonable goal 40 lbs by Christmas and I'm not obsessing over the scale...in fact I haven't weighed myself since my 6 week checkup. I'll check again when I go to the docs for her 3 month checkup. Try going for walks with her for as long as possible (I have 3 kids so long walks aren't an option so we got a stationary bike instead) try some simple exercises or get a post-partum pilates dvd. I hope this helps.

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