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Trish - posted on 04/13/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hey - does anyone know where I can get or have a wooden growth chart made for my daughter's bedroom? I have seen some at Kacz Kids but that's about it. Any ideas would be great, thanks!


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Samantha - posted on 08/04/2009




I saw some wooden ones at Winners by Sunridge the other day. The weren't very expensive and I considered buying another one for a future child =) They had decorative themes like a jungle are princesses and castles.

Juniper - posted on 06/24/2009




You can go to a hardware store and get a shaped and painted or stained board from the molding section (they have all kinds of shapes and sizes). If you know someone with a router, buy a 2x4 (or what ever size you want board) and have them shape the edge and paint or stain the board the colour you want.

You could ck out Micheals as well but that is going to be more expensive.

I like the idea, mind of if i do this project too? : )

Good Luck

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