Kids acting bad while im in school

Amanda - posted on 11/09/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




A womans job is never done!!! I am a fulltime mom of three toddlers, and just thrumyself back into school!!! I have been a stay at home mom for all my kids and feel guilty throwing them into school, so I can go back. I understand they learn good behavior, but bad behavior is also being learned too. My middle child is 3 and is giving me the most problems.She is learning how to get away with things at school, pushing the limit and acting as if its a game...Which floors me because she doesnt act like this ate home!!!!! HELP


Nicole - posted on 11/29/2009




I am sure you know... they will do whatever they can do in each situation. Point in case: I try to have a laid back style to parenting and usually only intervine when someone's getting hurt or hurting others (physically or verbally). I figure it's best to just let them work their pecking order out. HOWEVER... I have many single friends and my children respond differently to each of them. Some are treated just like any other adult with respect. BUT others are jungle gyms. I try to explain the first time it happens that they need to set boundaries with the children, because this may be fun now but it will keep you from wanting to hang out later. Some are not articulate enough to tell my small people to back off and remain jungle gyms and visits are far and few between. Se la vie. They were warned. Moral: Boundaries with children are vital.

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