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Is anyone interested in starting a play group or making some play dates? My son is 2 yr old.


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If you are in Southern should check out It's an awesome Mommy/Play Group. They do monthly mom's night out events, playdates with kids at parks and other places, charity events for March of Dimes or Relay for Life, etc. And it's a great support group for all moms!

If you are in Louisville, you can go too They are the Louisville division. I'm not sure what their activities are or how often they do things as I am not a member of this one since I live in Southern Indiana.


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Lesliecambron - posted on 06/09/2016




I would love to, but my son is 10 months old. I'm fine with that though.

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We could meet at a local park when it gets warmer. I live in Clarksville, but am willing to do things in Louisville.

We like to go to the playgrounds at Waterfront Park in Louisville. I like them because they have the padded flooring which is perfect for stumbling toddlers like my son who is always falling! And they have something for every age!

Another place we like to go "play" is the play place at Green Tree Mall here in Clarksville. Again...padded flooring! :) And it's great for any age...even those who are just working on tummy time! We could meet there if you want to meet sooner than later.

Or if there is another place that you like take your kids to "play"! I'm open for suggestions. Or if you feel comfortable with meeting here at my house, that would be fine with me as well! I have a large family room in the basement and a ton of toddler & baby toys!

Just let me know what works for you or what you want to do!

Becca - posted on 02/07/2010




I may be interested. I have a 21 month old girl and will have a new baby boy in 7 weeks.

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