Moms In Love For Sure

'Moms In Love For Sure' is a group for moms and their families located on Long Island, NY. If you are interested in meeting new people in your area then please join. I'm sure if you're like most moms, it's difficult trying to find the time to get together with friends. News flash: You can still have a social life! Not only is this a great way to meet other moms to socialize with, but it's also a great way for your kids to meet friends too. We'll try to accommodate everyone's scheduling needs by having at least 2 events per week, but bear with us because the group is still NEW and needs some time to really get going. Events include everything from play dates with the kids, mom's night out, and even family days. Over time, we hope this group will grow and become a meaningful part in all of our lives through the friendships we make for ourselves and our families. P.S. You must not be offended by the acronym for the group ;-)