Moms in Medical School (MIMs)

For the moms out there who are balancing child(ren) and medical school!


Mmr is it safe????

My baby is due vaccinations in two weeks and I have read so much about how unsafe and ineffective they are has anyone out there have any advise


Medical School

How many mothers here are about to go to medical school or about to finish? I recieved my calling in 2005 after my first son. I am going to school part-time and it has taken me...


New to the group

I just wanted to say hello.. I noticed that there are not too many conversations on here, understandably because of school. Are any of you in the Phoenix area?


Meals for MIM's

I think its obvious we dont have the time Betty Crocker does to make a gourmet meal. But I thought maybe if you have an easy and tasty meal that takes less than 15 mins of prep...