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recovery and cancer!

hi, I am 29 and i have 2 yrs clean.... when i first got in recovery going to meetings was easy and i did between 4 and 6 meetings a week... then life took over..... i have 2...


Anyone out there?

Hey! I know that there has to be some more NA moms around here. Does anyone post on here or are they using another 12 step site?


my name is Melissa and Im an addict

Hi everybody, I have been an addict for 14 years and I will have 1 year on the 27th, Up to this point I have done my meetings used my tools and I really havent had any cravings...


How to trust again ?

How do you possibly trust an addict ? Everytime my daughter steps out of the house my heart is in my throat. The progression of this has now become legal issues. She's been...



My name is Tania, I have a 4 and a half year old who i currently dont have custody of due to my actions in active addiction. I am currently a member of Narcotics Anonymous and...