Moms In Northern Europe

A group for moms in Northern Europe, including, Ireland, UK, the Netherlands (Holland), Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Austria, northern France.


Extra Income

Hi my name is Patrice Wells I live in the US I join this website to help mothers out here in the world to become self employment being a stay home moms.I am a Executive...


Looking for Moms in The Netherlands

Hello I am an American living in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. I speak mostly English but can speak a little Dutch also. I am looking to improve on my Dutch! I would love to meet...


Peruvian Mom living in the Netherlands

Hello everyone!!. I am Sylvia , 33 years old, i am actually living in the netherlands since, 2005 so 5 years mother language is Spanish, i can speak and write in...


introduce me - mij even voorstellen

Om te beginnen zal ik me eerst even voorstellen. In 1953 kwam ik als zesde van acht kinderen ter wereld. Mijn ouders hebben me verwelkomt als Paula. Ik heb een mooie jeugd...


My daughter was born 9 weeks premature

My daughter was born 9 weeks early and suffered brain damage - Cerebral Palsy. She had many challenges. I discovered a new wellness technolgy - she had dramatic improvements in...


Welcome, Please introduce yourself!

Hi, I'm Sabrina, an American expat to the Netherlands. I went to Europe for love. I met my boyfriend online about 10 years ago, and about a year and a half ago, I was finally...