Moms in the Evansville Indiana Area

This community is for Moms with all age children that live in the Evansville IN area. We can share experiences, thoughts and encouragement with other moms in our area. This would also be a great way to make friends, set up play dates, and help spread the word of different events in our community.



What are your plans for Halloween? Does your family have any traditions for this time of year? Do you do any 'grown up' things too? Also please share the events going on in...



Okay Girls, I have another 'challenge'! My daughter (3) has been biting! She has bit her brother three times; I have just talked with her about it...telling her it is wrong....



What is your discipline style & why? Does you and your husband have different ways on disciplining the children?



Okay Girls, I have a question! I believe that my daughter (3) has lost her hearing (not really)!! I can be talking to her; not 'getting on to' her, just regular talking and...


The Fair

It is fair season! And this week is the Warrick County Fair. For those that are interested in what the schedule is, you could go to:...



Thank you for joining the community! I hope that this would give us Moms a chance to get to know others in our own community. We could ask questions, share stories and talk...