What's your favorite exercise and why?


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Janette - posted on 06/17/2011




Everymorning I start out with about 18 minutes of Uddiyana Bandha with 10 essential daily stretches.
30 minutes of cardio at 60% of my max heart rate
and some resistance training.
Endurance, strengthening, stretching and balance are extreemly important for the health of aging bodies.
Hearts are build to have only so many beats in a lifetime. Funny enough, those who use their hearts more, actually have hearts that beat less. The less work your heart has to do to pump blood through your body the longer it has to live. Endurance (cardio) exercises not only work out the heart but clean all the hearts pipes by controlling excess fat ;)
Strengthening exercises (weight lifting/resistance training) is about building muscle so that your bones and joints arent doing all the work. Unused muscles eventually atrophy. In the mean time, your bones are holding up all the weight of your organs, crushing joints and making it uncomfortable to sit still much less move. Funny enough, the way to remedy this, is to move more and add more weight! This is how we strengthen our muscles which then start to bear the weight of our bodies alleviating pain in bones and joints.
Flexibility comes into play when trying to maneuver our bodies. We are extremely adaptable creatures, as is evident by our quick rise to the top of the food chain ;) This being said, we have become acustom to convenience whose consequence is decreased body movement. Again parts that are not used adapt and eventually atrophy making it hard to move more even when you want to. The rememdy? Stretches that promote the ease of movement. Think massage, chiropractice, yoga...
Lastly balance. You arent born with balance, its learned, and most people lose it along the way. Yoga, Pilates, Martial Art, and some sports use muscles that promote balance.
When Grandma falls and breaks a hip its easy to blow it off as old age, but its a combination of weakened bones from overuse, lack of muscle from underuse, an inability to move quickly from inflexibility and a misuse of balance from lack of practice. The sooner we choose to use our bodies the richer we become where the currency is health.

Melanie - posted on 05/31/2011




Tae Kwon Do, is my favorite, because it is physical and mental at once. I just cannot say enough about how much better I feel after my class is over!

Networkingwahm - posted on 10/07/2010




Yoga, is my favorite, because it's total body and mental at the same time. Yoga makes me feel younger, I just can't say enough on how wonderful it makes you feel!

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