ADHD and ASD Medications and cannot swallow pills

Connie - posted on 07/02/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hello. My son Luke is 8 years old, he has ADHD and borderline ASD. He was prescribed Focalin capsules in November of 2012. He cannot swallow pills so we opened it and put it in yogurt, this helped him focus at school and his behavior improved significantly. However, because the Focalin is a stimulant, the medication suppressed his appetite and Luke lost about 10% of his body weight. When school ended we took him off it and Luke regained his weight right back. We then switched him to Strattera, a non stimulant capsule. When opened this medicine is not a granule substance like the Focalin but a nasty bitter powder. I layer it in yogurt or pudding spoons so it's kind of sandwiched, to minimize the powder taste. The poor little guy manages to get it down but it's just awful for him. I even ordered the oralflo cup for people who cannot swallow pills and it still would not go down. Then we switched him to Daytrana, a patch. Again a stimulant, we were hopeful that it wouldn't suppress his appetite because its absorbed through the skin rather than his stomach, but it did. It also made him very irritable and depressed. So this morning I am back to opening the Strattera capsule and with tears in his eyes he chokes the pudding capsule mix down. I hate having to do this to him every day. It breaks my heart. Is there any non stimulant medication for ADHD that once the capsule is opened it is a granule inside like the Focalin?


Enna - posted on 07/10/2013




A lot of these medications have liquid forms you could ask for. Just ask the doctor. Now I can't say that they will necessarily taste any better. I had strep throat and I took the Zithromax liquid and it was the nastiest taste I ever had in my mouth. But the liquid might be easier to mix in.

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